update: since PC version already out, you can play without google chrome extension

To play this game you need :

1. VPN - The game is available only on Japan, so we need to access the game using VPN - Reccomended using via L2TP/IPsec - You only need to use VPN once for registering, after that you don't have to use VPN to play anymore

2. Google Chrome - This is the most suitable browser because not only it allows us to play this game, but it also translate most of the text so we don't get confused on how to play.

How to play :

1. Turn on your VPN.

2. Go to , type your email and click the blue button

3. Check your e-mail for the link to play the game, don't forget to register an account on Gree

4. [Important] After registering an account go here : , then change your residence to Japan, choose a random area (up2u)

5.Save, then close

6.Turn off your VPN

7.Open [PC Version] and play

8. If you want to use your phone then use link (note : a bit laggy if you play via Android/IOS, using PC is much smoother)

10.Tips -> if you want to translate text in-game, open your chrome ,then open game page then use translate icon on chrome's address bar nb: PC version can't be translated

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